Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 Artisan Facebook Friday #4

From Millan.NetIt's Artisan Facebook Friday!! YAY!! I sooo look forward to these ... as my fellow Artisan friends are A-MAZ-ING!! I always love sharing what I've made and letting you take a little spin around the block to see what THEY'VE done!! They blow my socks off!! You should just have come from Sarah Sagert's blog (if you've been following the hop all the way around). Sooo talented, that girl!!

As SOON as I opened the box of Designer Fabric Essentials I KNEW what I was gonna do ... as I mentioned in my last blog post, my son is somewhat of a bowtie afficionado ... a real purist!! So what better thing to make with this fabric than a BOWTIE (or two!!)!

It was fun to discover that my fellow Artisan-friend, Jeanna Bohanon, also was inspired to make bowties. She made little-guy bowties with some fabric and hot glue, while I made big-guy bowties with fabric and a sewing machine!!

Although I HAVE made my son some bowties in the past, it has been MANY-a-year, and I (sadly) could NOT find my old pattern ... so I had to make a new one!

I took one of the MANY bowties from his ever-growing collection and traced a patten of it onto some tissue paper ... I added 3/8" all the way around for the seam allowance.

I then laid the pattern on the fabric and a piece of fusible interfacing and cut through all the layers. Where the bowtie I created the pattern from had a fancy-do clasp-y thing, I just left a gap and made the tie in two parts (two layers of each piece, plus the interfacing). I then ironed the interfacing on to one of its coordinating pieces, sewed up the seams, turned the whole shebang inside-out and then attached the two sides together (I actually tucked a little of one inside of the other to overlap the two sides and make them a little more seamless). Since the spot where the two halves are joined together will not show (as it will be safely tucked under a shirt collar), no one will be the wiser that I didn't have the fancy schmancy hardware!!

My son SWEARS that the red polkadot tie is kinda Minnie Mouse, although my daughter and I have been trying to convince him that it makes him look GOOD!! But I thought BOTH of them turned out pretty fun ... LOVE this fabric!!

Next up? Amy Bollman!!! Go check out her amazingness!!


Dawn Marie said...

These bow ties are ADORABLE! TFS!

Jen Timko said...

These are both fantastic, Wendy! He looks dashing in BOTH colors!

Mary said...

What a talented lady you are and he looks so smart in his bowties. Well done.