Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ready for Round 2!!

I have been meaning to post this for the last couple of weeks, but life has been super crazy for me! I was director for a church Girl's Camp for a week (July 16-20), then I turned right around and headed out for Convention! Between getting ready for both events and finishing up the first round of SCS Sketch Challenge books, life has been a little TOO crazy! My friends and I already have a few requests for orders for round two, so we are gearing up to go again! These books were A LOT of work, but we have been really pleased with the outcome. This photo shows a bunch of the books that we completed, but several of them were already gone by the time this photo was taken! I am proudly displaying my own book in my craft room, as I can't believe we actually did it! If anyone is interested in getting one, we are still going to charge $49.95 (which I have decided is more of a bargain than we had originally thought!). E-mail me at if you want more info . . . (you can scroll down to the post I did on May 20 if you want to see more details about the books!)

Have a great day!


Mark's Finest Papers said...

Wendy, these are FABULOUS!

Vicki G said...

Sounds like you HAVE been busy!!! Your books look lovely~!!!!!

Corie said...

These are FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!

dawnmercedes said...

glad you are back blogging!