Friday, June 3, 2011

At Least SEVEN Freakin' UPS Trucks ...

... that's how many service my neighborhood. At least SEVEN!! How do I know this, you ask?? Well, that's kind of an embarrassing story ... Smiley from

I stayed up (like so many other diehard SU demos) on Tuesday night to wait for the new catalog preorder/sneak peek. It didn't go up until just after midnight on Wednesday ... had to peruse the merchandise and make semi-intelligent decisions/choices. Finally got my order submitted at 12:29 a.m.

Amazingly enough, my order shipped out on Wednesday evening. Which means it was due to show up on Thursday!! HOOOORRAAYYYY!!! And I didn't even hafta expedite the shipping, baby!! One of the many wonderful perks of living across town from Stampin' Up ... this is, however, the FASTEST I have EVER received a catalog pre-order. Happy-happy-happy!!

My BFF, Cheryl, also happens to be a Stampin' Up demo ... who also happened to stay up late with me to place her preorder ... who also happens to work right down the street from my house. Soooo ... we had planned to get together at lunch time and peruse my catalog so that she wouldn't have to wait 'til she got home to look at HERS!! Only problem? My UPS truck doesn't usually come around 'til about 3:00 p.m. My UPS driver (Steph) also delivers to our business, which is right down the street from my house. Very convenient. I also know that she is down there MUCH earlier than she makes it to my house. So, instead of listening to the Jeopardy theme song and going stir crazy, I decided to get in my car and take a little cruise around the neighborhood. FedEx, USPS ... they were MUCH easier to locate than UPS. First driver I found? NOT Steph, but close to my house. No dice .. Second driver I found?? NOT Steph, but ALSO close to my house. Third driver??? STEPH!! HOORAY!! Alas, she informs me that her truck was too full, so they split some of her stuff up onto another truck. NOT GOOD!! "No problemo," she says. "I'll just take your cell phone number and then call the office and find and who has it and where he is right now." "GREAT!," I say. In the meantime, I drive around a little more. Then I get a call from Steph. "The guy with your stuff was on 400 East and South Temple about two minutes ago. Go get 'im!" Drivedrivedrive ... only took a couple minutes. Saw the truck. Felt like a dork waiting for the driver. Guess what?? NOT the same truck as the one that was there two minutes ago!!! Double drat. Nice UPS Driver points me in the direction of the OTHER driver. Go to where he says ... see a truck in moments. Very carefully accost the driver. Guess what??? NOT the right truck!! The truck I want services the NORTH side of the street. He services the SOUTH side. Five down and NO luck!! Soooo, I see another truck going in the OPPOSITE direction on the NORTH side of the street. Follow him for a while ... guess what??? It's driver #4 again ... don't even stop to talk to him and hope he does NOT see me pass by stalking him AGAIN!!

At this point I give up. Called Cheryl. She says, "Good news!! MY order is on my porch!! My husband put the catalog between the screen door and front door. You can just go pick it up!" So I do ... and on my way back to where she works (or rather, the park by where she works), I see ANOTHER UPS TRUCK!!! Do I follow him? Do I let it go??? What is a good SU Demo to do??? FOLLOW THAT TRUCK!!! Which I did ... AND it turns out he was the RIGHT DRIVER with my box safely tucked inside his truck!! YAY!! HOORAY!!! SUCCESS!!! He happily turned my treasure over to me, as it saved him a trip up my street ... which was actually WAAYYY off his route!! I {{HEART}} UPS!! So, Cheryl and I had a lovely picnic in the park while we DROOLED over our new catalogs!! So, I guess there were only actually SIX trucks in my area ... but who's counting??

See what I made with some of my new goodies???

Stamps: Precious Butterflies (Hard to believe one of the first things I got had butterflies in it, right??)
Paper: Wisteria Wonder, Lucky Limeade, Calypso Coral, Whisper White
Ink: Wisteria Wonder, Lucky Limage, Calypso Coral
Accessories; Lace Ribbon Border Punch, Wide Oval Punch, Perfect Polka Dots Textured Impressions Folder, Bitty Buttons, Whisper White Baker's Twine, Dimensionals


Cheryl said...

love it love it love it.

Connie L said...

You have provided my giggle for the day! I would have loved riding shotgun with you on this adventure!

Marisa said...

You are too fun! I would have done the same thing LOL! Guess you know all the UPS drivers on a first name basis now - a good thing to know ;) Glad it all turned out - thanks for sharing the story.

Rita W said...

LOL Too funny! I am almost considering going to look for our driver right now! I LOVE your card. I can't wait to get this set.

Pam said...

I love your cards and I love your adventures as much. Your journal must be thick, thick, thick!

Cheryl McAskill said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Stalking 6 UPS Truck Drivers!! I am printing this out for my UPS Driver to read...I believe he needs a chuckle about Stampin'Up! demonstrators awaiting new catalogs and of course, the goodies!!!
We're not deranged, we're loyal!

Connie Collins said...

Isn't it amazing what we will go through to get a catalog so that we can spend lots of money. My catty won't be here until Tuesday and that is with me paying for 2nd day air. I'm so envious!

Terry Molineux said...

OMGosh Wendy you had me in stitches I can just visualize this happening....UPS guys know us by now. My UPS guy can be across town and see me and beep. One day a friend said who is that? I said my UPS delivery man and she said he knows you and your car? People just don't get it. I love your stories but MOST OF ALL your creations. Thanks for sharing! Cannot wait to see what else you come up with. Maybe we will bump into each other at convention!

Inky Hugs,

Kristen Conant said...

Wendy you just crack me up!!! I am SOOOO jealous. I will not get mine until this next week. I am DIEING here!!!! I am also going to convention. Maybe we will run into one another! You know I am a HUGE fan of yours!

Traci S. said...

Well, Wendy,

Your million mile drive to find your UPS truck probably helped the economy in a big way! WTG! I love your card! The colors are fabulous! Is the purplish color the Wisteria? LOVE IT!

I love your little UPS emoticons! They are great!

Of course we expect to see a butterfly somewhere on this card.

One question, GF, did you emboss the paper before you did the purplish swirl...or the other way around? Please let me know, I would greatly appreciate it. I just got my computer working again tonight. I had my router fried by lightning!

Great story, great card...can't wait to see the catalog! WTG!

He IS Able,
Traci S.

Shelly said...

What a great story!! My UPS man comes around 3 or 4pm everyday UNLESS I have an order (I can hear him and my dog lets me know what is going on on the other side of the window)... and when does he deliver when I DO have an order... right after my husband gets home at 6pm!!! How DOES that happen?? And, yes, you are very lucky to live so close. It takes 7-8 days on every order and I just can't bring myself to pay the extra since returning to school and paying childcare without a paycheck:( After graduation next year, expedited hear I come!!

Kim P said...

LOL!! I can see you driving around...Follow that truck!

Nobody should mess with a demo's order, right??