Monday, April 2, 2012

Greetings from Seattle!!

Wow!! Is it ever BEAUTIFUL here!! My daughter and I arrived yesterday to hook up with her school choir (they arrived Saturday morning). We are already exhausted, but we're looking forward to the next couple of days and the fun things that are planned (the only bad thing is that the case of DVD's that my daughter packed for entertainment on the bus ride home seems to have gone missing ... keeping my fingers crossed that we can locate it today at some point!!)!

I owe y'all a HUGE apology ... as you can see, this is NOT the tutorial I have been promising for the cute little basket (once again!). I actually got a nasty flu-bug-type of thing on Friday and Saturday that totally wiped me out!!! And I had to get everything ready so we could leave early Sunday morning, so suffice it to say, something had to give. I will be sooooo glad when I can resume some sorta "normal" life once the moms get well ... which seems to be getting close all the time!! I PROMISE I will get that tutorial together and post it after I get back (which will be a little later this week). Thanks for your patience with me ... sigh ...

So here are a couple more layouts that we have been playing with on Tink and Bell's Digital Scrapbooking Club ... we are having a GREAT time!! Check the link in the tab at the top of my blog page if ya wanna know more about what we're doing and going in the fun!!

This first layout is one that I did of my son's graduation day ... it was raining CATS and DOGS that day!! But the picture of him with his two grandmas is my favorite, actually ...

And this is one of Jan's layouts ... I love the combination of circles and squares. Make for a great balance, don'tcha think??

Well, it's off to the races!! We have a full day of workshops and sightseeing today ... hope my foot can keep up with the rest of me (and everyone else, for that matter!!)!!

Toodle-oooo! Smiley from

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KOstvig said...

Cute pages.. hope the foot holds up well!, and that you are enjoying a few days of leisure you deserve it after the last few months...Enjoy