Thursday, September 25, 2014

MDS Blog Hop - What Are YOU Working On???

Happy MDS Blog Hop Day!! I have actually been working on a LOT of MDS stuff since last weekend ... and SADLY I can't share ANY of it!! (A wedding announcement that the bride hasn't even gotten the copies of from the printer yet, and a couple of blog headers for some friends who asked for help revamping their blogs ... which are ALSO not completed yet!)!! HOWEVER ... I have been wanting to "digitize" these photos ever since I had them taken a few weeks ago ...

So this became what I was working on!!! And ... I guess now you all KNOW I'm not 27 (I know, I know ... I HATE to have been disillusioning you all this time ...) Although these photos are of me with a 1965 Mustang (apparently LOTS of good things came outta 1965!! The BEST!), I drove a 1968 Mustang with original paint and interior when I was a senior in high school and freshman in college (it was actually my brother's car ... and he was serving a mission for the LDS Church at the time, so I kinda "borrowed" it while he was out of the country ... and can you BELIEVE he wanted it BACK when he returned??? How RUDE!)!!

I LOVED that car!! It was FUN and FAST ... and, quite honestly, I made that baby look GOOD!! (At least that is what my husband says ... we met while I was driving that car ... and he said he was already whooped on me, and seeing me in that car kinda CLINCHED the deal!!) "Mustang Wendy ... guess you better slow your Mustang down!! Ride, Wendy RIDE!!" Sorry ... couldn't help myself!!

MDS Downloads:  Be Yourself
Stamps - Gorgeous Grunge
Paper: Distressed, Travel Journal (Pattern 10), Tickets and Tags (Tickets and Tags 4), Then and Now (1),
Embellishments - Candid Frames (film frame), Burlap Ribbon (flag and triangle), Mis-Stitched (espresso 6b), Number One (label 5), Family Fun Photobook (string and knot), Top Notch Woodcuts (best ever)
Punches - Flag Punch, Timeless Type Junior Numbers (6 & 5)
Fonts - Berlin Sans FB, Century Gothic, Clementine Sketch

Next up??? The Amazing Amber Meadows!

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Marti said...

Great page and your story to go with it makes it the best! I do love that burlap ribbon treatment.

stampinjul said...

Ride, Wendy, Ride!!! Love it!

Jeanna Bohanon said...

OMG I LOVE this layout! So cute Miss Wendy!