Saturday, August 8, 2009

Convention Highlights

WOWZA!! What a whirlwind of a week THIS has been!! Between running back and forth from girls camp (which I have done TWICE this week between Tuesday and Thursday!) and running to and from the Salt Palace Convention Center for SU Convention, I think I am SO tired that my HAIR hurts!! Honestly, though, it has been a LOAD of fun!!

Here I am with my new BFF Jan (yes, THAT Jan . . . as in the Queen Herself . . . JanTink!!)! We have cracked each other up all week (because we are both UPROARIOUSLY funny!!). Honestly, we have had fun talking, laughing, stamping, eating and not sleeping since Monday!! (She had a different funny shirt to wear every day, too! She even made me a transfer, which I DID put on my shirt, that said, "Yes, my stamp room is real, and it's Marvelous!!" She had the picture of me from the Stampin' Success article on it smack dab in the middle. It was AWESOME!!) It's been so fun having her as a houseguest!! Thanks for the chuckles . . . and the chocolate, my dear friend!

Here I am with Rhonda (rhondag) and Bev (BevMom). LOVE these girls!! It was so great to see them again (can't believe it has been a whole year ALREADY!!)

Can anyone say FREAKY???? I had organized a swap and lunchtime get-together with my freaky girls . . . aka Control Freaks!! What a riot!!! As I was standing on a chair holding up a sign so that they could all find us, Thurl Bailey (yes, the SAME Thurl Bailey of NBA fame who just happens to be on SU's Board of Directors) came strolling by. He took one look at my sign and said, "Is my wife over there???" We all got a good laugh out of that!! AND did y'all notice that, even though I am standing on a chair, Thurl is STILL taller than me!!! GOOD GRIEF!!!

Here are ALL the Freaks that were at Convention and able to join us for lunch. (I am not sure what we are laughing at, but someone made a funny SOMEwhere!!)!

Front row: Patty Bennett, Connie Babbert, ME, Robin Spinner, Cindy Major
Back row: Steph Leider, Cindee Wilkenson, Annette Jensen, Kimberley Morris, Jan Tinklenberg, Brandi Wiggins, Dawn Olchefske, Gretchen Barron

More and more friends . . . here I am with another fun friend from SCS - Jackie - hpyscrpr2 - and her downline, Theresa. It was fun spending a little time visiting with them again as well (they were amongst the many at the party at my house last last year, too!). I feel so fortunate to have made sooo many friends through stamping and paper crafting!

Here's another one of me and Jan. Her shirt says, "I have visited Wendy Weixler's stamp room and all I got was this lousy shirt!" SNORT!!! TOTALLY not true!! I let her use my heat embossing tool and some embossing powder, too! ;)

And here are my homegirls . . . Shellee and Cheryl . . . without whom I would know absolutely NOTHING about stamping AT ALL!! They taught me everything I know (and not just about stamps, either!). I am truly blessed to have such wonderful friends . . . :)

And looking at all of these pictures reminds me that I NEED A HAIRCUT!! So happy that I have an appointment Monday morning!! It was a great, whirlwind of a week, that's for sure!! Stay tuned tomorrow and perhaps I can share the Freaky swap I made . . . and maybe share with you the ones I received in return!! :)


Betty Wright said...

Look like you had a blast!!! Glad you are back safe and sound!!! Rest up!!!!

Carol Kugler said...

OhMyGoodness!!! I soooo wish I was at convention!! I'm so glad that you posted sooo many pictures. I can't get enough pics!!! Thanks for posting them!!

Nancy Riley said...

What a BLAST!!!! Looks like you had a GREAT time! (I'm so jealous!)

Marilyn (mlj-mlj) said...

Glad you had such a great time. I love that you received a shirt about the SU success article about your stamp room...very funny.

Kittie said...

Great pics, Wendy. It looks like you had a great time.

JanTink said...

I love all the pics except the one of me looking about a hundred months pregnant! Where did that thing come from?!?!? ACK!!!

I've been having a blast...thanks for letting me stay at your house!

Jan Castle said...

Rest up Wendy....we can't wait to see what you made!!!

Judy Rozema said...

SUCH fun pics!!!! Thanks for sharing them!

Debi said...

Wendy you all look like you had such a great time! Wish I could have been there, too. Maybe in a couple of years...

Jacquel said...

Hey Wendy!
It was great seeing you again and hope to see you next year too!