Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 MDS Family Calendar - Part 2

Here are the next four months for my 2012 Family Calendar. I am always surprised at how quickly I can put things together in MDS ... which, I have to say, is kinda embarrassing since I just wanted to NOT LIKE MDS when I first heard in announced at Convention a couple of years ago. I have enjoyed playing with it soooo much!! I am still really into "tactile" scrapbooking, but for creating calendars and cookbooks it is a DREAM!!

MAY - An Ode to Amelia ... LOVE the picture of my daughter standing on the rocks on the shores of Bear Lake!! The picture of she and I was taken at arms' length while we were doing the 52-mile ride around the lake on our bikes!! Sooo long and tiring, but so much satisfaction when we FINISHED!! And the picture of Amelia and her dad in the airplane is actually her favorite ...

JUNE - Can you say ORANGE??? This is more fun at Bear Lake ... can't even COUNT the HOURS and HOURS we have spent on the large expanse of lawn behind our family condo there playing croquet ... it wouldn't be a Weixler Summer without it!!

JULY - Disneyland Memories ... we soooo enjoyed our trip to Disneyland this past fall. I couldn't have done a calendar WITHOUT it!! (and who DOESN'T love Mickey Mouse?? If you DON'T, don't tell me ... I don't wanna know!!)

AUGUST - Another page inspired by Heather Summers ... one of our MOST FUNNEST family traditions is pressing apples into juice in the fall. It's a TON of work, but as my grandmother used to say "many hands make light work" ... and tons of happy, smiling memories, too!

I was asked to share one of the actual "calendar" pages with you, so here it is ... I actually create these in WordPerfect (I am a diehard-never-change-to-Word Girl!). I do it this way mostly because it is always the way I have done it and it works for me ... so why change, right??

And ALSO because I have been asked (which I KNEW I would be, but was too lazy to get off my backside when I was typing up my post yesterday to check!) ... the printer I ended up with was an HP Photosmart 7510. I actually bought a Brother printer first (can't really remember which one, but it was AWFUL!). I ended up taking it back (my regular sales guy was not there the day I brought the Brother ... the guy who helped me seemed kinda clueless, so I'm not sure why I took his advice!). My regular Staples Dude (whom I have known for years ... thanks, Jimmy!) was there when I returned the Brother and was VERY helpful and knowledgeable. I really liked this printer because I saw absolutely NO banding when I printed (the little "lines" you get with every printer head pass), and I made it through all the calendars on the starter cartridges and one set of XL cartridges, which is pretty much incredible! The colors are rich and vibrant ... they look very clean and professional! Smiley from


Nancy R said...

Thank you for the printer information. Your calendar pages are beautiful and I'm sure your family loves receiving them. But as I look at the actual calendar page, I'm confused (which happens with regularity!). Do you actually have a way to bind the calendar portion and the picture portion together at home, or do you send things to be printed from Stampin Up? And if you bind them at home, will you please share what your handy-dandy tool is?
Thanks again for sharing,

Judy McMullen said...

Awesome calendar project, Wendy! Years ago my oldest son created 2 different calendars as Christmas gifts. One was with pictures of my side of the family and the other was of pictures of his dad's side of the family. He made sure that each month had all the birthdays and anniversaries noted and that a picture of the person who had a birthday or the couple that had an anniversary in that month was on that page. I still have those calendars.

One of the benefits of the way you've created the picture page of the calendar is that is ready for a scrapbook when the year is over!
Great job!!!