Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Disney Days ...

Believe it or NOT ... I am back visiting the Happiest Place On Earth. It's still kinda hard for me to believe that I am an Annual Passholder ... and I don't even LIVE in California!! My sister-in-law and I both have them, actually ... and we've been getting some mileage out of them, lemme tell ya!! I know that the day I decide that Disneyland is too far away, too crowded, too busy ... too ANYthing ... is the day that I will officially be OLD!! NOT gonna let that happen!!

The pictures on this MDS page are actually from my LAST trip on my birthday in August ... it was 99 degrees (which is what explains why my face looks like it slid off!)!! Sooo much fun!!

Stamps: Torn Edges (Hand Torn), Old School (Grunge 1), Seriously Awesome (Square Frame)
Paper: Good Life, First Edition, Polka Dot Parade, Very Vanilla
Embellishments: Downtown Grunge (zigzag stitching small black), Shaped Clips (Arrow)
Font: Pooh.

From Millan.NetYesterday, because we ARE Annual Passholders, we had the opportunity to do a character "meet and greet" with Thor (oh yeah!!)!! AND ... we got wristbands to attend a preview showing of "Thor: The Dark World"!! It was SOOOOOOOOO good!! (To be honest, it's just fun to look at Chris Hemsworth for a couple of hours ...) It really was an entertaining part of our day. We also went to the Halloween Party last night!! SO many adorable and fun costumes!! (My hair is MEGA FLAT in this photo!! It was misting/raining off and on all day ... but DANG!! It's THOR!!)!

We plan to walk all over California Adventure today ... it's supposed to be slightly overcast and drizzly again, but that's ok ... fewer people show up if it's not TOTALLY sunny!! And that's all right with ME!

Happy Tuesday!
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brrenwick said...

Your page just makes me happy!!! Can't wait to get happy with you there!!!

Alex said...

I am so jealous, we were just there in August and I miss it so much! (I am pretty sure we adults love it more than any kid out there!). I don't live in CA either but I sure wish I was an AP holder!

Carol Carriveau said...

You are so funny! Yes, a man in that outfit would make us all swoon!!! And I so agree that Disney IS the greatest and happiest place on earth...well, til I am able to get to Hawaii, but then you cannot compare the two...LOL!