Saturday, March 8, 2014

29 Years of Happy ...

... and Counting!!! Today is our 29th wedding anniversary! (Which is kinda remarkable, in and of itself, since I am ONLY 27!!)!!! My husband and I had our very first date on March 9, 1984, and were married almost EXACTLY one year later on March 8, 1985. That first date was his brother, Rob's birthday ... and my soon-to-be-husband taught me how to ski (how BRAVE was I for even TRYING that on a first date??) ... and Rob broke his hand (he and a couple of his buddies also came on our first date ... which was oh-so-fun!)!! And I was a big ol' wet, frizzy (think 80's-perm-run-amok style), freezy mess by the time we were finished (my husband says I looked adorable ... but whatever ... which is probably one of the reasons I love him still!)!

So this page is to celebrate our anniversary (I was laughing at my BIG hair in the "then" photo ... when I realized my hair isn't a whole lot smaller NOW!)!! I am so blessed and grateful for having spent so much of my life thus far with my best friend ... he still makes me laugh (in fact, this morning he brought me a box full of yummy donuts and said, "Don't worry about eating as many of these as you want ... they are made with all REAL ingredients!"). He is thoughtful, kind, hard-working, fun, happy, adventurous, a great father ... who could ask for anything more?? (Ok ... he DOESN'T sing ... and I mean not EVEN with the RADIO ... which was one of the things on my "requirement" list that I had written as a teenager for "prospective future husbands" ... but I am ok with that ... he CAN whistle!)!

Here's to you, babe ... and an eternity of togetherness ahead of us. Love you! From Millan.Net

MDS Supplies:
Stamps: Family Spotlight ("then" and "now"), Family Fun Photobook ("happy")
Paper: This and That Epic Day (LOVE THIS STUFF SO MUCH!), Calypso Coral
Punches: 1.25" Square; 1.25" Circle
Embellishments: This and That Epic Day (arrow 5, stitching 2, chevrons), Top Notch ("us" speech bubble)
Font: 2Peas Ditzy
 photo blogFALL2013signature_zps52ff99ee.png


Claire Broadwater said...

Happy Anniversary! I love your page! The before and after pictures are great!

Patricia said...

Happy Anniversary! You both still look a lot like the then picture. The years have been good to you, but then that is what Happy does!
Great page to commerate this day!

Tanya said...

Aww! I love this page! :) Happy Anniversary!

xrciznuts said...

Awww...I need a tissue. Those were the nicest things to say about your anniversary. I love your page showing the two different pictures of then and now. Super big hugs for your anniversary. We celebrate our 30th this year. Love ya!
Kim Smith

Mitzi said...

Happy anniversary, Wendy! What a beautiful page to commemorate your wonderful event. Well done!

Carol Carriveau said...

Happy Anniversary! You both look basically the love!!! Wonderful the "then" and now...