Friday, February 14, 2020

Fab Friday #183

Wishing you all the HAPPIEST of VALENTINE'S DAYS! I think that if you do nothing more than let the people you love in your life know just how much you DO love them in your life on this day, then you are WINNING at life!! It doesn't have to be a grand or expensive enterprise, either. Just TELL THEM that you LOVE THEM!! PERIOD! Doesn't have to be a "significant other" ... just tell the people you love that you DO love them! Life is short ... and most things that make us mad or frustrate us about others are really aren't that important in the long run ... SO TELL 'EM, my friends ... that is your Valentine's Day assignment this Fab Friday!!

I had a vision in my mind on how I wanted the card I made for this week's sketch challenge to turn out. Starting working on it, and all was progressing nicely. I went to cut out the little bees I had stamped with the cute little bee die ... cut one of them and the die flipped up and disappeared. I mean REALLY disappeared!! I was like freakin' MAGIC, people!! I searched for over an hour ... yes! OVER AN HOUR! My craft room is pleasantly clean at the moment, so there weren't to many places for it to hide. Since I was running out of "craft time", I just ended up fussy cutting the dang bees out. I had to leave for the evening, but when I returned, I mentioned to my hubby about the missing die and he joined in to help me look. We spent about 15 minutes doing so when I discovered that darn bee die stuck to the bottom side edge of my little magnetic dish on the craft table (that had been behind me when I was using my BigShot to cut the bees in the first place)! I had even picked this particular piece up and was looking for it originally by using the very magnetic bottom of the dish as a "die finder" as I rubbed it back and forth over my carpet. Never heard the telltale "clink" of anything having been picked up. I'm thinking it had just flipped over onto that goofy dish and was sticking there the whole time and I somehow didn't see it!! Bee Die = 1; Wendy = 0! I do like how the finished product came out, though. And I AM very happy that I found the die before I went to bed and had crazy and annoying dreams about spending hours looking for it ... oh wait ... I already DID that ... it WASN'T a dream!!! Hahahaha!

Stamps: Honey Bee
Paper: Bermuda Bay, Whisper White, Basic Black, Mango Melody
Ink: Basic Black, Mango Melody, Wink of Stella
Accessories: Detailed Bee Dies, 3/8" Glittered Organdy Ribbon, Corrugated Embossing Folder, Champagne Rhinestones

I quite enjoyed this sketch and think you will, too!

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I am going to be playing "Great British Bake Off" today as I make sweet treats for my husband and kids ... this is my version of fun Valentine's gifts to give to those I love ... what do YOU do??
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MarvA1ix said...

I love the honeycomb used as a stencil on the card. Got to try it, as it looks more fun than diecutting and gluing honeycombs.
I feel your pain of losing your die and searching. I lost a stamp following a card class in December. I had not finished putting everything away that I had cleaned in the kitchen after class, and my granddaughter arrived to bake Christmas cookies with me, so I didn't realize the stamp was missing til the following day. I searched the kitchen, the supplies put away, the stuff put away in the craft room, then searched the craft room. I even emailed my customers from the class to see if they had the cling stamp stuck to cards they took home in cello bags. No stamp to be found. I'd miss it, because it was going to carry over to next year. 3 weeks later, my husband pulled a dozen eggs out of the refrigerator, and the stamp was clinging to the bottom of the styrofoam egg carton. It's back!!! Glad you found your die, too.