Wednesday, September 16, 2009

HATE It When That Happens!

So .... while we were in Heidelberg the other day, a photographer took advantage of the fact that we were all tourists and took a photo of our tour group (this was for the castle tour). Anyway, he took two photos. This is the finished product. And, mind you, this is the ONLY picture I have from our trip where our whole family is in it (after all, SOMEone has to bow out to take the photo - and that is usually ME). The dude on the second row in the blue shirt and the bald headphones guy are NOT part of my family, they were just on the tour with us. (That is the tour guide in the back row on the left - she was darling). But, I digress . . .

As I mentioned the photographer took TWO photos. Then, WHY is it that he picked THIS one??? It seems pretty good from this photo (which is actually a photo of the photo, since I don't have a scanner with me). BUT . . .

Wait for it . . .

Here it comes . . .

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MY EYES WERE CLOSED!! (And so were Elke's - she is standing directly behind me.) WHAT??? Wouldn't you think they would pick the BEST photo of the WHOLE group??? TWO of us had our stinkin' eyes closed!! I knew that was going to happen. While we were waiting for him to snap this one the sun came out from behind a cloud and shot us in the eyes. I thought, "I HOPE they pick the first photo, 'cause I think my eyes were closed on that last one!" Odds were NOT in my favor, I guess. Not that it mattered to the photographer, 'cause he sold TWO of them to us (one to me and one to my mother in law). I wonder if they pick the crummy ones just to see if people will buy them anyway? Apparently the answer is YES. They must just like to watch us squirm!!

Check this out . . . they sell ice cream here about every third shop in the tourist towns (and I can't even COUNT the number of ice cream shops I have seen elsewhere!! I thought WE ate a lot of ice cream in the states!!). But, who WOULDN'T want it if it looked like this??? These guys put "31 Flavors" to shame!!

We actually had some of that blue stuff. It was DELISH!!! I wanted to try some of the Waldmeister (the bright green one), but chickened out. I looked it up on the 'net last night and I guess it has kind of a nutty flavor - somewhere between hazelnut and almonds. May have to try it before I go if I see it again.

Here are Devan and I eating our cones (he is trying his best to make dorky faces in every photo now . . . and is succeeding!).

We went to the Technik Museum a couple of days ago. My husband was in HEAVEN, I tell ya!! They had every sort of car and flying machine you could imagine (including Russia's first attempt at a space shuttle - it never made it to outer space). It was really cool. Here I am pretending to pilot a submarine - we walked through one that they had there. I could NEVER live on one of those babies. TOOO small and cramped!! (And with all those bodies in close quarters I can imagine it doesn't smell very good, either!!)

I have a couple of other cards to share with you, but since they each require multiple photos I am giving you a break (after all, you don't wanna be here ALL day!!). I will show them to you later, I guess.

We are off to do a little bit of shopping as we are leaving tomorrow morning. Smiley from Where DID the time go??? This has surely been the most amazing trip-of-a-lifetime for me!! AND I am bringing home the BESTEST souvenir of all . . . my baby boy!!!


Jan Castle said...

I have reallllllly enjoyed your pictures and want to thank you for taking us all along on your trip! Have a great flight back and...Welcome Home!
Jan Castle

Anonymous said...

Just had to say that that is not JUST ice cream that is GELATO and it is THE BEST when you get it in Europe!!!!