Friday, September 4, 2009

Lookie What I FOUND in MUNICH!!

Isn't he just the CUTEST??? I think I will take him HOME with me!! I look pretty crummy in this picture (in Devan's words? "Mom, you look pretty beat!"). Ouch!! The truth hurts! I had been up for about 32 hours when this picture was taken. I WILL look better after a good night's sleep, that's for sure!

And . . . as promised . . . here is Beginner Ugly Card #1. To be fair, the biggest problem I had with my early cards was color. I remember when my friend got me started with Stampin' Up I had been scrapbooking for several years. I had accumulated a LOT of cardstock. So, although I bought the inks from SU, I refused to buy the cardstock, 'cause I had accumulated so much lovely cardstock over serveral years. The scariest part? I actually thought that some of these looked GOOD, baby. WhatEVUH!! I only post these to prove that i was not ALWAYS as Wickedly Wonderful as I have become. So, SEE JAN, I think we ought have an ugly card contest and see who WINS! Mine just go from bad to worse, seriously. I am not even going to bother listing supplies so that I may protect the innocent . . . notice how I didn't even wrap the ribbon around the cardstock (trying to be frugal!). I cut it right at the edge of the card, which means it started to fray. It doesn't even MATCH the cardstock! Sheesh!!

I will update with more trip photos and MORE ugly cards when I get internet connections . . . stay tuned (and Jan, if you are reading this, I am SURE I have you BEAT girl!!)!


Antje said...

Great to see you in Munic. For me, this is one of the best cities in Germany. Wish you a wonderful time with your son and get your sleep back!
Your card is not so bad, you should have seen mine *blush* ... enjoy your days in Germany!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful pic of you and your son Wendy even if you are tired you are happy and it shows. I have cards from 15 years ago if we are talkin' ugly I should put some of them on my blog lol for what not to do lmao not that will scare people. Have an awesome time in Munich.
SU Demo
P.S. Have been following your blog for quite some time *grins*

Unknown said...

DOH!!!! That entry was supposed to say after LMAO NOW instead of not
so . . . now that will scare people!

mudmaven said...

You may look tired, but you definitely look HAPPY! Have a wickedly wonderful time in Germany. Love the card - brings back fond memories of when I started doing this too! ~chris

Jennifer Aviles said...

I'm so happy you arrived safely and FINALLY got to see your son again! Happy times, Wendy! (((hugs)))

scrapbookqueensassymouth said...

love the honesty in you posting this.
We, well I to still have the color challenge problem!!
Thanks for the encouragement.

Connie M. said...

Oh my goodness, Wendy!!!!! This just made me smile and brought tears to my eyes! I am soooo glad you are with Devan...he IS the cutest!! :)

Your card made me chuckle too!!I ran across one of my first cards the other day...OH MY!! LOL!!

Miss ya...and big (((HUGS)))! Have a wonderful time!!

Karen said...

Uh, Wendy, . . . it really is UGLY! lol Sorry. LOL ROFLOL
You do look tired, but oh so happy to be with that son of yours. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

If i could only look that good after being up so many hours! my beginner ugly cards beat your beginner cards, hands down....but you will never see them~LOL
Have a fabulous holiday Wendy!

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful, Wendy, 'cause you look HAPPY to have that handsome man beside you finally!! Enjoy! ***Vicki

Shawna said...

Oooooooo! He IS cute! Yes, you SHOULD bring him home!!!!! You look wonderful Wendy. Yeah, maybe a little tired, but you look really happy! Have fun!

Pam L. said...

I can not you believe you are blogging while in Europe! What a dedicated blogger you are! And yes your son is the cutest ever. You may be tired but you sure look happy Wendy. Enjoy!

One little last question? HOW did you find internet?? Good Job!