Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thanks, Jan!!

Where would I be without my lovely friends to point out when I have made a BIG boo-boo??? Thanks to Jan (the infamous JanTink!) for pointing out that I have posted my latest Freak Swap card TWICE now (I will be watching YOUR blog very closely from now on!)!! She is blaming it on the schnapps (which I can honestly say I haven't touched!), while I can truthfully say it is a combination of jetlag and waaayyyy tooo much pastry!! (WAIT!! Did I just SAY that??? TOO much PASTRY??? Naaaahhhhh ...... no such thing!!)

We have been busily driving around, hiking around and climbing everything everywhere!! After my "scared stiff" story the other day, I have one to top it!! See the picture above? I am sure you cannot even BEGIN to tell from it the perspective that you are missing . . . this is the Ulm Chapel (the "Munster" or as I called it the "Monster"!) in well . . . Ulm. It's major claim to fame is that it has the HIGHEST tower of any cathedral in the WORLD!! And you guessed it . . . my husband and son made me climb ALL of the stairs . . . that would be, ummmmmm, like 768 of 'em!! Okay, okay, I know you are thinking, "768 doesn't sound so bad!" Let me help you with the perspective here, friends . . . that is like 530 feet . . . or, assuming that the average floor in a building is something like 10 feet . . . WAIT! . . . let's be conservative . . . let's say the average floor is 15 feet . . . doing the math, that makes this freakin' tower something like 35 freakin' stories high!!! Not only that, the last 10 or stories or so are straight up in this skinny-little-bitty-teeny-tiny tower! By the time you get to the top there is a little passageway that two skinny people can barely pass each other on. YIKES!!! I nearly peed my pants!! (Can I say that here??? Guess so . . . it's MY blog!!) Smiley from My son took some video of me freakin' out on the freakin' tall tower. I may have to upload it and share it with ya when I get back home. Needless to say, THIS photo is of me pretending that I'm not freakin' out!!! Notice how the view (or as I refer to it the "death drop" is to my BACK????) Sheesh!!

And THIS is me having ICE CREAM THERAPY after I came down off that freakin' tower!!! Aaaahhhhh ..... so nice to lose one's anxieties in something really, REALLY fattening!! Smiley from And I SWEAR, my freakin' knees were knocking for at least a half an hour after we came back down!!! I must be NUTS to let these guys talk me into my worst nightmare! I have to say, though, that everything else we have climbed or looked down from has seemed MUCH less freaky after Ulm . . .

So .... now that I have shared a little more of my trip, I am going to share a card that I know I have NOT shared before (you can check me on this if you want to Jan-my-dear . . .)

As you can see, I finally got some SU cardstock for this card. Unfortunately, I still hadn't found any mojo at this point. And the first color family I bought was Bold Brights? Huh???? I practically NEVER use Bold Brights!!! Why didn't someone tell me that NO ONE uses their Bold Brights much (except for maybe Real Red)???? YIKES!!! Guess I thought I was being practical . . . whatever . . .


JanTink said...

You're welcome!!!

And now I'm going to go to bed hearing "It's a small world after all!" after seeing that card! How could you?!?!?! :-0

Anonymous said...

I so identify with your scared moments at heights and open spaces.. I have the same fears and I so know how you feel..
At Yosemite on Glacier Point I almost fell to my knees when the open spaces and heights really knocked me over.
I would love to have had a pastry or icecream at that moment. It sure does comfort one. Great trip and looks like lots of fun.
thanks for the trip.


kathy zito said...

how did I find your blog? stampin connection and your WMW Wild flower thanks (I LOVE THAT CARD!). well, you're tag for ugly cards caught my attention and this card? I actually love it! I love the stick figures and the color blocks! but I really had to laugh when you said your first colors were the bold brights because mine were also and yes, they are the ones I never use either! lol!