Monday, March 24, 2014

GEEKING Out and Vinyl-ing!!!

Soooo ... it's been a LONG while since I gave my Mac a facelift!! I did it when I first got it ... then again when when I got bored with how it looked. The last time I "vinyl-ed" it out I peeled the design off once the edges started to come up a little ... and it's been PLAIN and BORING ever since!!

Until NOW, of course!!! EEeeeeek!!! From Millan.Net I LOVELOVELOVE how nicely my eCutter (aka Silhouette) cuts vinyl!!! It makes it SOOOO clean and smooth ... EVEN on the tiny bits!! My son would give me all kinds of grief for "messing up a perfectly good Mac", but I DON'T CARE!!! This makes me happy!! (How ironic is it that I won't even SEE it most of the time because it's on the BACK side of the laptop screen???)

MDS Downloads: Life is All Around (Creativity), Convention 2012 (Corner), Today and You (Chevron), Hooray for Today (Arrow)
Accessories: Silhouette (eCutter), Black Vinyl, Transfer Tape

I just laid this out in the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition software. I imported each image from my MDS files (you will find them in the "Components" folder in your My Digital Studio App/Program). To bring each image in you have to click on "File" and the "Merge" ... then go find the file(s) in your MDS folders. Bring them in, resize and trace them, and then pace them where you want on the "mat" ... This is a screenshot of my finished "cut" before once each of the elements has been "traced" ...

PS - I disable the DUMB "password" type-in thingy on the comment feature on here ... I HATE those!! And spam kept sneaking through ... So I am TRYING to do this comment thing with moderation. Which means YOU don't hafta try to decipher those goofy passwords any more!! YAY!

Have a Marvelous Monday!!
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R Galassini said...

Cool! I'm really thinking of getting a Silhouette and this might just put me over the top! Thanks for sharing!

Carol Carriveau said...

Very cool!

Laura H said...

Love your blog-do too!
I've been debating on silhouette or explorer.....


Jeanna Bohanon said...

So - I love this and I think that my laptop is way too boring now