Thursday, January 26, 2012

Can You Tell?

Can you tell from this photo that the young man in the picture is my son??!!? He is the one of my kids that looks the most like me (and since everyone is always telling me how good lookin' he is, I take that as a compliment!)! Jan and I have been having SOOO much fun making samples and videos for "Tink & Bell's Digital Scrapbook Club"! We are loving all the positive feedback, and we're feeling really happy with what we have done so far! The whole purpose of this club was to get people jazzed about MDS ... AND to get them to actually take the darn disc out of the box (or at least PLAY a bit with the program). So far, so good!

I had a GREAT time creating the "braided" ribbon trim around the large circle. It's stuff like this that really makes doing the digital crafting thing fun for me!

In looking at this photo I realized that I have a LOT of recent photos with just me and my oldest son in them (Devan); and I have a LOT of recent pictures of me with my daughter (Amelia). What I DON'T have are a lot of recent pictures of me and my boy-in-the-middle, Garrett.!! MUST remedy that the next few times Garrett and I are in the same room!!)!

Getting ready and MUI-excited to head out to CHA for the weekend!! I think my favorite part of the whole event is hanging out with all of my crafty friends (and taking photos with them so that I can prove to my kids, yet again, that all my internet friends really DO exist!!

Smiley from millan.netTa-ta and have a lovely Friday!

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