Monday, November 17, 2008

Where Have I Been, You Ask?

Well, I'll tell you!! I haven't been posting as much this past week because I chained myself to my craft table in order to finish this crazy-huge batch of cards. Many of you will remember that I did a street fair in my neighborhood several weeks ago. Needless to say, it didn't go very well. However, one of my neighbors bought a few of my cards. She called me a couple of weeks later and asked if I could make her some more thank you cards. (In my head I'm thinking . . . great! I'll do some Cuttlebugging, a little bit of image/sentiment and some ribbon . . . done!!) She says,"I'd like you to make some more like the one I bought at the street fair." Since I couldn't remember at ALL what she had purchased, I asked, "Which one is that?" She responds, "You know that lovely one that looks like a piano that pops up?" I inwardly groan . . . I remember thinking when I made that card last year that I never wanted to do it again. I was just dinking around and it ended up being way more work than I had planned! I paint a smile on and say, "Sure! How many would you like?" Her response?? "200!!" I nearly choked!!! "Really? That should be no problem," I hear myself saying back to her. Those suckers are paper-pieced, pop-up nightmares. All those black and white 1/2" strips had to be individually cut and taped down! I think I am losing my mind!! I see stripes EVERYwhere!!

The happy news?? I'M FINISHED!!! She came over and picked them up last Saturday!! HOORAY!!! The best part??? She paid me $4 a piece for them!! Yep!! You read that right!!! I made $800!!! (But it took me about 5 weeks to get 'em done!!)

These are the photos I took of the original waaayyy back last September (2007). I wanted you to see what they look like close up. I can guarantee you that I will NEVER make another one of these suckers again!!

Stamps: Elegant Notes, Polka Dot bg, All in a Row
Paper: Going Gray, Basic Black, Whisper White, Real Red
Ink: Basic Black, Going Gray, Real Red
Accessories: Red polka-dot May Arts organza ribbon, clear circle crystal brad, primitive heart punch, large tag punch

AND . . . before I forget . . . Spellbinders has a new WEBSITE and a new BLOG!!! Be sure to go and check them out for fresh, fun and creative ideas (and a great place to buy your Nesties and other fun dies!!)

Spellbinders WEBSITE

Spellbinders BLOG


MakiJo said...

I'm not surprised the lady wanted 200 cards. The work of art is absolutely beauiful!
Great job! Now, you can work the different project w/o stripes ;)

Paula Barin said...

HI Wendy, Fabulous cards, I can relate though.... I have to make a bunch of acordian cards. Not looking forward to it.
Great job!!

Summerthyme Studio said...

WOW!!!! Wendy..............Good for you.......... The cards are beautiful,but that must have been some task!!!!!

Loretta said...

What an elegant card...but 200?? That is mind-boggling, considering how time consuming that must have been. Are you able to share the technique you used to make that card? I would love to make at least ONE! You have so many original ideas...great site!

Linda B said...

My heart goes out to you....I understand because invariably the card that you swore never to do again is the one someone wants......but 200...arrrgggghh! Of course the money is swell but...the job is a killer. Good for you that you did it and can now breathe a sigh of relief.

beutifulfamily said...

Inquiring minds what to know? Why 200 thank yous? Wow, I am glad she paid $4.00 a piece!

Beverly said...

Oh my! These are FANTASTIC!

Cindy Major said...

Okay, that card was fabulous so I can totally understand why the lady wanted some more. But holly molly... I feel for you. Two hundred of those?!?! I am SOOOO glad that she paid the big bucks and made it worth your while. Good for you!!! But oh my gosh...

Still can't believe you made 200 of those. LOL!