Thursday, July 1, 2010

I {{{HEART}}} My Apple!!

I used to be a PC Diehard ... I am still quite the computer geek with PC's as well (neighbors callin' me all the time to ask for help with stuff!). That was before I decided to leave the "dark side" and come into the light ... Mac's are just DA BOMB, baby!! (And I'm getting to be a bit of an Apple Geek, too!). Smiley from

Anyway, the reason I have this weird card (which is very similar to one I made for my dad on Memorial Day) is because I needed one to take with me to the Apple Store along with two dozen donuts. Why, you ask, was I taking two dozen donuts and a card to the Apple Store? Long story short, my son's Mac got fried when copious amounts of something liquidy ended up all over the outside/inside of it. He sent it off to be repaired, but when he found out it was going to cost $755 to repair it he just had them return it to him (he is, after all, a poor-starving student!!). I told him I would go into the Apple Store and talk to the manager and see if he could do anything to help. Basically, he offered to waive the $100 labor fee, then take 20% off the balance. Not too bad, eh? I made an appointment at the "Genius Bar" and my son and I showed up there a couple of days later with the dead Mac. Once he got signed in I went to drool over the iPods and iPads. A few minutes later my son came up to me and said, "I LOVE Apple!" When I asked him what happened he said that the Genius talked to the manager again and they decided to fix his Mac fro FREE since we are good customers (I just bought a new Mac with the Apple Care Protection Plan, which I guess makes them all happy!). We BOTH walked out of there grinning. BIG TIME!! So, that is what I was doing there earlier this evening with this goofy card and two dozen donuts ... the manager looked pretty danged happy (and I made sure to address the thank you card to the manager and HIS supervisor!)!!

So that's that ...

Stamps: Teeny Tiny Wishes
Paper: Night of Navy, Real Red, Whisper White, Pattern Pack III, Crumb Cake
Ink: Night of Navy
Accessories: Cricut (I downloaded an "Apple" and used SCAL to cut it out with my Cricut), Perfect Polka Dots Textured Impressions folder, Small Oval Punch, Word Window Punch, Whisper White Grosgrain Ribbon, Linen Thread, Pop-Up Glue Dots, rhinestone stickers


Cheryl said...

I'm still a PC gal, but I just loved reading your story about your son's Mac! Fabulous card, too!

StampHappy said...

Wow, what amazing customer service! I have been going back and forth on wether to get an Apple or a pc for my next laptop, the cost just seems soooo much higher to me, but I am thinking the quality of the product and now the amazing customer service may just make it all worth it! Thanks so much for your wonderful story!

Kathy Braun and Lucky said...

Great story and great card, I am sure they will love the donuts.

LauraT said...

Great story that illustrates something I live by, "You take care of the people who take care of you (or your kids)."

Stamper for fun said...

Oh Wendy you are so talented. When I saw your apple card I thought to myself "boy, that sure looks like an "Apple" logo dressed up for 4th of July." And then I read your story. Even without your story I knew it was an "Apple" apple.


Traci S. said...

I have an announcement I would love to make...


I want all of Wendy's wonderful guests to know what a HUGE help she has been to me this week. I started a blog...and it really looked...artistically bad! True! Wendy, my friend, took it upon herself to design a Header. (That is the Title section--I learned that one term!) This header is GORGEOUS! Perfect for this particular blog. And, she spent all day on Wednesday showing me how to post things. What buttons to push to get a photo in the post! How to let comments be seen! You name it! She had my back in such a Special and Big way!

I thank you Wendy, for being such a great friend. And, for having the foresight to realize that even though I studied everything on Blogger--for 2 days--She knew that come Wednesday...I wouldn't have a clue! Isn't that partly what friends are for? To compliment each others short-comings. She really saved the day. I appreciate you so much, Wendy! I wanted all of your guests to know!
You are such a great friend, and I love you whether you had helped me out or not. (I'm glad you did, though!) :)


Traci S. said...

Hi Wendy~

I love this story...especially since I was in retail management for about 20 years. There is still customer service in America! Hurray! Amazing!

I saw the card, and I immediately thought of the "Big Apple." I wonder if kids even know what this is anymore! LOL My sis-in-law and family are on their way there right now.

This is a beautiful matter what the reason! You are so cute creating that card especially for them. They will probably send it to headquarters to get it in the company newsletter.

I must admit, I am a comment reader. I read everyone else's comment also. I know there are others out there that do the same. But, I am so happy I did today. I found one of those "Pearls of Wisdom" from your viewer, "Laura T." She wrote,"You take care of the people who take care of you (or your kids)." Thanks for those words! They are going in my quote book. :)

Have a spectacular and safe Holiday Weekend!

Traci S.

Louise said...

Oops! I left my comment in the wrong area. I was reading your post on the Mac incident and read that you used your cricut to to cut the apple after you downloaded it. My question is: Do you have a gypsy that is connected to your cricut in order to download the apple? I have had a cricut for about 4 years but I had a problem trying to make any cuts. Long story short, the blade was broken. Changed the blade and instant presto works perfect. So I am new to the cricut world. I had read that the gypsy is compatible to the Mac?


Rebecca: said...

Hi Wendy-

I really love your creations. I've even bookmarked you under "favorite SU! sites". :) I'm a fairly new demonstrator and love to get ideas from you!

Here's a shameless plug: My husband owns a Mac store in town. MacDocs on State Street. They also have great customer service and...they'll even carry your computer from your car to the shop. Just giving you more hometown, local-based options. ;)

Thanks for your inspiration!