Friday, October 15, 2010

Greetings from Disneyland!

We are once again at one of our most favorite places on earth ... this is actually the SECOND time I have been here this year with my daughter (we went last January during CHA). This time around we are with my sister-in-law, niece, nephew, friend and my friend's daughter. My feet are alREADY achin' ... and we are gonna be here two more days (but I LOVE it here).

Sad, but true tale ... my phone met a most unfortunate end today ... I am HOPING against all odds that it will make a miraculous recovery by morning (keeping my fingers crossed). Miracles DO happen, right???

This is a page I finished up on the way to Anaheim (we drove). My dear, sweet mother-in-law had her 80th birthday party a couple of weeks ago. Doesn't she look AMAZING??? She is one of my best friends. What a blessing she has been to the lives of so many ... I count myself incredibly fortunate to be part of her family. I hope to look HALF as good as she does by the time I am her age. She is my inspiration, in more ways than I can count!

Guess I am going to head off to bed ... another long day of fun going on tomorrow ... just hope I can keep up!!

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Aubri said...

My favorite time to be at Disneyland is Halloween time. I'm so happy you get to be there. If you get a chance check out World of COlor and especially the Haunted Mansion as it is decked out in The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Cheryl said...

Sorry to hear about your Droid :( glad you are having fun! So...if this is Ron's Mother - why don't you have a picture of him with her?

TN Granny said...

Lucky you to be in Disneyland, I plan on going to DisneyWorld next month and I will think of you. You scrapbook page is amazing and creating it in a car wow you are the best of the best!
Big hugs,

Pam said...

Why is it everyone I know in Disneyland right now? That's right..
half of UT goes there during formerly UEA! Your mom-in-law looks fab at any age,,,,sure hope I have that bright of a smile and that much hair at 80!

Jen said...

Have a wonderful time! We were just there last week :)

Traci S. said...

HI Wendy~

So glad that you had so much fun at Mickey Mouse Land! Don't forget! Next time it's Disney World, in FL!

The pictures of everyone really are
great! I love to see who is who!

He IS Able!
Traci S.

Cheryl said...

LOVE how you made the banner from the tag punch in MDS! Fabulous page.