Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tales from Convention - Day 4 - Over Already??

This week has gone by in a whirlwind. I have NO idea where the time has gone. My favorite part about Convention every year is getting connected/ reconnected with all of the many wonderful friends I have made as a result of my connection to Stampin' Up. I'm missing everyone already!! These are my besties ... my upline, Shellee Kariuki, who got me interested in this crazy-ol' "hobby" in the first place. I may have come into it kicking and screaming (well, maybe not QUITE!), but I would hafta go out 1,000 times louder!! Thanks for your support and inspiration, my friend!! Emilie Chisholm is the "new kid on the block" ... we brought her to Convention for ONE day last year about a week after she signed up. It has been sooo much fun getting to know her ... love ya, Girlie!! And Cheryl Curtis ... we met as members of Shellee's stamp club and have been BFF's ever since (she signed up about a year before I did). Thanks for making my week so much fun and my life so much better ...

And how could I go through the Convention experience without my alter ego, Jan??? (aka the GREAT JanTink!!). She has come to stay with me for the last four Conventions ... it's so much fun having a stampin' buddy on hand ... although I hafta admit I have been about as much fun as a wet sock every evening this week ... I actually went to bed at 8:30 last night ... woke up at about 12:30 a.m. and realized I was still fully dressed!!! How's THAT for wiped out??? We are gonna be doing some SERIOUS stamping today, though!! Can't WAIT!!

Fun announcements from this week:
My Digital Studio will be available for purchase on August 1!! (some of the content won't be quite ready, but will be available through a free upgrade as soon as it becomes available)
Tabletop Cutter will be available soon as well. We got to watch Shelli play with it. How many cutters does a girl REALLY need?? Apparently at least ONE more, as this one looks AWESOME!!
Convention 2013 - will be only three days instead of four (to make it easier for more people to come) AND will be open to demos from other countries to attend as well. YAY!! (Okay, Canada IS another country and they already come, but it will be fun to hook up with more of our foreign friendies next year)

This year on the Artisan Design Team is gonna be such a BLAST!! I'm sure next year's Convention will be here before we know it. I {{HEART}} STAMPIN' UP!! Smiley from


Cheryl said...

I heart stampin up too! It was fun! thanks for everything!

Jan Castle said...

Fun to share In your excitement Wendy...congrats on you award!
Paper Hugs,
Jan Castle in Salem, OR