Sunday, January 30, 2011

I WIN!!!

OHMYGOSH!! What a DAY yesterday!! Not only was it filled with fabulous friends, fun, food and GREAT crafty things, but ....

I WON A CRICUT!!! Amelia and I spent a BUNCH of time in the Provo Craft booth doing make-and-takes and listening to demos on new stuff (for each thing we completed, we had a ticket entered in the drawing for free stuff!). The drawing was scheduled for 3:00. AND ... they were running about 20 minutes behind. Soooo.... we stood and waited and waited and waited with the crowd (actually, by this point Amelia was sitting on the floor!)! When they were FINALLY announcing winners, I was right smack-dab in the middle of replying to a text someone had sent me and almost thought I had DREAMED hearing my name!! Shut UP!!! I am SOOO stoked!

Actually, I won a Cricut Expression. We had to choose between an "instant win" (the new "Birthday Bash" cartridge), or we could spin a wheel with prizes on it ... some were GREAT (like what I won!), and some were kinda dorky (like a hug from the "Cricut"). Anyway .... long story less long, I won!! And since I mentioned to them that I already HAD an Expression, they let me exchange it for this ....

A Cricut Cake Mini!!! Holy COWSERS!! I am SOOOOOOO excited! Amelia said, "I can't WAIT to get home and make a cake!!" We'll post some pictures as soon as that happens!

One of my mostest FAVOR-ITE things about coming to CHA is hooking up with friends, so here are some pix of just a FEW of my crafting buddies ..

Me and Robyn Cardon (The Pink Stamper) and Karlee Wilson. Sooo much fun hooking up with them. I knew Robyn way-back-in-the-day before she become a crazy-famous Cricut Crafting Woman! It was fun finally hooking up with both of these gals in person ...

Me and my BFF, Stacey Caron (love you, girl!!!!)! REALLY miss working with the whole Spellbinders team. It was great to get to see 'em and hug 'em!

Heidi Blankenship and Cathy Chlebana ... can't EVEN tell you how much I love these girls, too!! They are the BESTEST!!

And who DOESN'T {{heart}} the Cat in the Hat??? Connie (McCotter) and Deb (Felts) and I couldn't resist this photo op ... (they are my coolest roomies!)

Our Daily Bread ... these gals are the BESTBESTBEST!! We had the most YUMMY dinner (thanks, Kelley!)!! Good friends, good conversation (which, I hate to admit, I often contribute to WAY more than I should!!) and a happy place to be ... what could be better? That's Kelley Holland, Connie, Me, Lorelie Kim, Dawn Lusk and Deb ...

And HOW could I just NOT mention my totally amazingly wonderful roomies again??? These women are sooo fantastically special. I feel so blessed to have them in my life. Love you, friends!! (Deb, Me and Connie)

Last, but certainly NOT least ... my adorably fun and patient daughter ... she has let us drag her from one end of the Convention Center to the other ... yak-yak-yakking and doing lame make-and-takes (okay, not ALL of them were LAME!). We are all up and chatting already, and she is lying next to me doing one of the things teenagers do best in ANY situation ... SLEEPING!! Love you, honey!!

We're up and ready to get back in the game (well, ALMOST ready ... but DEFINITELY willing!!)!

Hugs to all!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Wendy! Glad to hear you are having so much fun. I think your beautiful daughter should get an extra special prize for hanging out with you. She's such a good sport! Are you going to post some of your best make-n-takes? Have a safe trip home.
Kim Smith

Sassy's Ramblin's said...

Congratulations Wendy!!! Fantastic day, I would say! ;-)

Trisha said...

Super cute pictures Wendy. It was so fun to see you and Amelia today at the Provo Craft drawing. Congrats on your super fun prize. I can't wait to see all the goodness that you and Amelia will be making.
Hugs, Trisha

Pam said...

Why am I not surprised! Congratulations!! Looks like you are both having a blast...please post your fav. make-n-takes. xoxo

Traci S. said...

Hi Wendy~

How much fun can you have in one day! What a great win! Congratulations! Please find out if they are coming to Florida this year. It's been a couple of years since CHA was here. It was so fabulous...and I didn't know anyone then. I can't imagine going now! Have a great time!

Special gift for your daughter, I'm sure. Although, she does get to hang out with the coolest Mom!