Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Yay for Girls Camp!!

It's the time, once again, for me to traipse off up into the mountains ... with some of my good friends and a bunch of AWESOME girls from church. Every year we take 3-4 days to enjoy nature, one another's company and feel a closer connection to our Heavenly Father. I have been SUPER blessed to have been able to participate with this, off and on, for the past 25 years or so (the first time I went as a leader, my now-26-year-old son was only ONE ... and I've been every year for at LEAST the last 11-12 years or so ... I really have NO idea how many times I've gone!)! It's a lot of work, but it's also something I look forward to every year!

One of my "things" ... activities I am in charge of all the time (because I BEG/PLEAD/VOLUNTEER!) is being in charge of setting up the "Secret Sister" line. Each girl who comes is assigned a "secret sister" for the duration of camp. Each day she is to be a thought, a handmade crafty thing or a treat in her "sister's" bag (huge ziploc bags that we hang on a clothesline). It's fun to watch how sweet and creative the girls can be ... and I usually start off each day with a little something for each girl that I've made myself (this year we have 24!)! So, needless to say, I have been BUSY!

I LOVED June's Paper Pumpkin Kit. They made this project OHSOEASY!! The pinwheels were all precut; the kit came with the straws, brads and twine (not to mention the little flags and stamps with an ink spot!). There were also some adorable little chubby paperclips, but I didn't use them ... I DEFINITELY think I'm gonna be ordering a "refill" for this kit. I used my own cello bags, as the ones that came with it were a little small for the licorice bits I put with these (but I DID use those for a treat I will be sharing on Friday!)!! And by the way ... if YOU haven't joined Paper Pumpkin yet, you really SHOULD!! (There's a tab at the top of this page that gives you all the info you will need!!) The kits are ADORABLE ... and so fun and easy to work with!!

Supplies: June 2014 Paper Pumpkin Kit, Cello Bags ... yep, that's IT!! (oh yeah ... and some Twizzler Bites!)

From Millan.NetCamp is gonna be SOOOOOO much fun!!!

I'll be back on Friday (with a blog post AND off the mountain, as we return home Friday afternoon!)!! Be sure to check back and see what ELSE I "cooked" up!!

Happy Wednesday!
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Carol Carriveau said...

The camp girls were very these fabulous pinwheels! But I can't be too jealous as my friend and one PP customer brought me 4 of them on the Fourth of July...they are still sitting as a Summer decoration in our living room!

Tanya said...

VERY cute! Great use of the kit!!